How might NPR acquire a younger generation of listeners expecting a higher degree of personalization?

We worked with NPR as a client in the IxD program. Drawing upon NPR's comprehensive research, we determined that we wanted to help attract a younger audience to Grow Up With NPR. Ritwik and I decided to propose a Playlists feature. This would be compatible across all social media platforms, and be easily browsable and shareable. Over time, playlists will be recommended as NPR learns the listener's preferences.


3 weeks

  • User research
  • Information architecture
  • UX design
  • Prototyping
  • Front-end development

Collaborated with Ritwik throughout research and early design process. Drove design for social media and mobile platforms and built prototypes for these features.


Ritwik Deshpande



We used NPR’s comprehensive research as a launch point to go deeper on the concept of personalization.

  Documentation for  P5.js.

The research led us to several key design principles.

  A slide from our final presentation to NPR.

A slide from our final presentation to NPR.


We challenged ourselves to build high fidelity prototypes, especially in content fidelity.